99 Headshot Sale Photographer Nyc

99 Headshot Sale Photographer Nyc

Special Sales 99 Headshot Sale Photographer Nyc

99 Headshot Sale Photographer Nyc
99 Headshot Sale Photographer Nyc
DorothyShi is the Best 99 Headshot Sale Photographer Nyc in New York shows the world you’ve made it through great portrait photography.
She is a leading specialist for business, industry, government and the media. Whether you have a brief or need advice about the type of photography which best suits your project, we are here to help. We are one of the leading providers for corporate headshots in New York and Connecticut.

Corporate headshots in New York portraits are made for use both in print and online, with individual clients often using images on Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. We ensure our clients are comfortable throughout the process from brief, preparation, shoot to final retouching and delivery.


Our portraits provide the best possible image tailored to your branding. We provide both on-site, and studio portrait photography. Our corporate signature style focuses on you, the subject. No matter who you are we produce an image that puts your best face forward.

Why Successful Corporate headshots in New York?


The corporate world has changed dramatically in the last few years and businesses both large and small have had to adapt to this change. My aim is to provide my clients with a look that will enhance their brand and help them form a stronger connection to their client base.

DorothyShi is the Best Corporate headshots in New York have had the pleasure of working alongside major global brands, niche businesses, communication companies, and freelancers on a variety of creative projects spanning 25 years, 8 of which were spent based in New York & Connecticut.

We Specialise In Headshots And Portraits
99 Headshot Sale Photographer Nyc is New York’s premium photography studio for busy professionals.
We provide high-quality headshots and corporate portraits for business people such as Real Estate Agents, Financial Advisors, Lawyers, Bankers, Marketing and Sales Professionals, Consultants and Small Business Owners.
We service all of New York and the surrounding suburbs.

Why choose 99 Headshot Sale Photographer Nyc?

Whether you have a product line that you wish to show to the world in a professional manner, you are hosting a fashion show and are looking for a commercial fashion photography expert, or you just want to preserve the happy smile of your beloved child, I can help. Over the years, focusing on providing my clients with the ideal photography experience, I have finally become a reputable photographer for many people. In addition to full HD quality in each photo, I offer affordable rates and guarantee your complete satisfaction.
How am I different?

I am an event photographer with over 25 years of professional experience. Fully equipped with an up-to-date camera and photography equipment, I am able to serve my clients and meet all their unique photoshoot preferences, from headshot photography to commercial fashion photography, and much more. On top of that, working with me is a fun experience that is certain to result in lasting relationships that I strive to establish with each of my customers.

Contact my studio in New York, NY to schedule commercial fashion photography or other services with me. Available by appointment, I await your calls at (917) 259-0084 where you can learn more about the services I offer, as well as detailed info about Dorothy Shi Photography. I’m looking forward to your calls. Contact me today!



Why People use our headshots and portraits for?

  • Linkedin profiles
  • Websites/web profiles (e.g. real estate, financial services)
  • Publicity Releases
  • Marketing/sales collateral/material
  • Having Your Photo Taken Can Be Fun

      The easiest way to get photos communicating this is for your shoot to make you feel confident and make you smile. Luckily we’ve been doing this a while and know a thing or two about people, photography and having a laugh.
      Some people take this stuff seriously, but really, good portrait/headshot photography is about having fun and letting a person enjoy themselves while being photographed.
      DorothyShi is chatty, fun and relaxing to be around– this goes a long way to create those moments to be captured on camera. Combining the relaxed down-to-earth atmosphere with top industry lighting skills and composition means you’ll get your best headshot or portrait.

      Organising Photos For Your Company / Staff?

      DorothyShi has 99 Headshot Sale Photographer Nyc Corporate Shots has photographed portraits and headshots for hundreds of clients in and around New York.
      If you need us to come to you, we are happy to bring our equipment and set up on site.

      Consistency across all photos of your team is really important, so we keep that top of mind while photographing your staff. Colour/lighting, composition, expressions and posing all need to come together to ensure the whole of your staff look like their from the one organization.

      Please get in contact for a free 99 Headshot Sale Photographer Nyc Booking quotation.

      Ask us if you want some ideas on ideal headshots or portraiture for your business. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years and know a thing or two about what looks great for various industries.

      Get Photographed By 99 Headshot Sale Photographer Nyc…

      99 Headshot Sale Photographer Nyc is brought to you by the photographer, DorothyShi at his professional studio in New York. DorothyShi has been photographing for over 30 years and has won awards internationally for his portraits, landscapes, and creative photography.

      Check out DorothyShi’s personal site at www.dorothyshi.com studio will make you feel welcomed, comfortable and bring out the best in you for your photos.
      Shi Studio: 212-864-5931

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