Corporate headshots in New York

Corporate headshots in New York

DorothyShi is the Best Corporate headshots in New York shows the world you’ve made it through great portrait photography.
She is a leading specialist for business, industry, government and the media. Whether you have a brief or need advice about the type of photography which best suits your project, we are here to help. We are one of the leading providers for corporate headshots in New York and Connecticut.

Corporate headshots in New York portraits are made for use both in print and online, with individual clients often using images on Linked In, Twitter, Facebook and other social media. We ensure our clients are comfortable throughout the process from brief, preparation, shoot to final retouching and delivery.

Our portraits provide the best possible image tailored to your branding. We provide both on-site, and studio portrait photography. Our corporate signature style focuses on you, the subject. No matter who you are we produce an image that puts your best face forward.

Why Successful Corporate headshots in New York?

The corporate world has changed dramatically in the last few years and businesses both large and small have had to adapt to this change. My aim is to provide my clients with a look that will enhance their brand and help them form a stronger connection to their client base.

DorothyShi is the Best Corporate headshots in New York have had the pleasure of working alongside major global brands, niche businesses, communication companies, and freelancers on a variety of creative projects spanning 25 years, 8 of which were spent based in New York & Connecticut.

Coming from a fashion photography background where she has worked on the cutting edge for magazines such as Vogue, her aim is to offer businesses and brands an innovative and fresh alternative to conventional corporate photography.

Creating a Great Corporate headshots in New York Portrait

DorothyShi Corporate headshots in New York photographer needs to offer more than just a technical service where they stand you up against a wall and get you to smile. Her clients are more savvy than ever now and will see these kinds of images as cliché and outdated.
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