New York Comp Card Photographer NYC

New York Comp Card Photographer NYC

New York Comp Card Photographer NYC

DorothyShi is the TOP New York Comp Card Photographer NYC shows the world she has made it through great portrait photography.
Actor Comp Cards
Actor comp cards are primarily lifestyle, but DorothyShi will include a fashion look if they can crossover to that market. Actors pursuing print work are represented by commercial acting agencies, so it’s a great tool to help you find a commercial agent. If you have an agent, a comp card will help you be seen for more print work. This section also features promotional material for dancers and musicians.

How New York Comp Card Photographer NYC works?

When DorothyShi are shooting your headshot, the process will be very organic and spontaneous. The idea is to see your true personality in the photo.
However, when shooting a comp card, the process is much more result oriented. “Look over your left shoulder and wave.” “Bring your right knee up three inches.” “Sprint past the camera”.
The process is similar to a print job (but with much less pressure). Remember, we have to get 3-4 looks, plus a full headshot session, in one day of shooting. So the more specific and directorial I am, the more successful the session.

The Customers should study comp card examples while preparing for the session. Consider your type, and select images that are consistent with your casting. Are you an ingénue, a leading lady or a character actress? Are you a leading man or a comedic actor? Make sure the photos accurately represent your type.
And try for contrast. Create 3-4 different looks for one card to show versatility. For example, it’s much better to have a card with fitness, business and young mom than to have fitness, lingerie and swimsuit. New York Comp Card Photographer NYC will make a Best comp cards show a range of looks.

Why Successful New York Comp Card Photographer NYC?

Each shot on your Comp Card should be a lifestyle image, which tells a story and generates an emotional response from the viewer. To prepare for this, make sure to include accessories and props for each look. Accessories are an essential component to a successful lifestyle image- they help tell the story. If you’re a business woman, for example, you would definitely have a nice hand bag.

DorothyShi is the Best New York Comp Card Photographer NYC have had the pleasure of working along side major global brands, niche businesses, communication companies and freelancers on a variety of creative projects spanning 25 years, 8 of which were spent based in New York & Connecticut.

You may also have a pair of glasses, computer, briefcase, coffee cup, and Blackberry. The more props you bring, the more options we have when composing your shots. When reviewing my comp cards, notice how many shots use props to help tell a story. Plus it gives the actor something to do. Many photographers shoot catalogue comp cards, which aren’t nearly as effective as lifestyle comp cards. But they’re much easier to shoot. Basically a catalogue shot is the model standing in a pose doing nothing, and a lifestyle image tells a story.
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