New York Fashion Photographer NYC

New York Fashion Photographer NYC

Experienced New York Fashion Photographer NYC

With previous clients extending from New York Fashion Photographer NYC, All The Who, Reberta Flack, Maxi Priest, Richard Tyler, The Late Whitney Hudson, The Left Eye from TLC, Trech from naughty from nature, Hilary Cliton, Donald Trump, Joe Boxer, TJ Maxx, Exclusive Bathing Suit Brand, Michael Kors Plus Size, Sidney Closet Plus Size, Dove Pro-Age, Earnshaw Magazine, WWD/Fairchild Publications, Milano Catalogue, Bill Levekoff, Children’s Business Magazine, All My Children, One Life to Live, Atlantic Records, Martha Stewart Living, Levi’s Jeans, Buick, Hallmark Cards, Sony Records,, Sioni, Sportswear International, Condest Publication, Lily Australia, NuSkin Cosmetics, Bronner Brothers Cosmetics, Fusion Hair Color, Anakha Bridals, Signature Bride Magazine, Rolling Out Magazine, and Jovani Bridals. – DorothyShi Photographer is a brand worth choosing.

With over 25 years of experience in wedding photography and a comprehensive portrait and corporate portfolio, boasting global and celebrity clients –
DorothyShi New York Fashion Photographer NYC is the leading choice for individuals looking for a professional studio that is unsurpassed in sheer talent and style.

Who is the Top New York Fashion Photographer NYC?

DorothyShi has helped hundreds of new models, musicians and working actors to begin their professional careers around the country.
Easily recognized by the richness of sentiment and emotion – our highly experienced team of New York and Connecticut based photographers strive to capture an image that is in essence, a beautiful illustration of the moment.

With a distinct natural styles, eye for lighting whether sunshine or rain, DorothyShi is able to craft photographs that are beautiful regardless of the conditions, making us the leading choice in the industry.
Her professionalism and experience also allows us to flawlessly merge in to any major occasion, which allows the individuals to truly enjoy their surroundings producing the natural images that we are so highly regarded.