New York Wedding Photographer

Why Do You Need A New York Wedding Photographer?

New York Wedding Photographer’s leading boutique wedding and pre-wedding photography and film studio based in New York and Connecticut. DorothyShi was founded by renowned photographer and TV personality with a team is made up of an international roster of all-star photographers.

Many studios claim to shoot in a photojournalistic style but New York Wedding Photographer is made up of tried and true photojournalists and editorial photographers with an impressive client list that includes The New York Time, Elle, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, CNN, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, TIME, to name a few.

When you hire New York Wedding Photographer you don’t just get a photographer, you get a visual storyteller with unrivaled quality, creativity, and professionalism. DorothyShi photographer’s work has graced the covers of the world most famous publications reaching millions of people, now you have the work for your own personal collection.

For this contest we are offering extremely special prize of a free 2-hour pre-wedding photography session with one of our renowned photographers.

DorothyShi has shot for the New York Times all over the world and is the resident photographer and judge on History channel’s reality show Photo Face-Off. She has a passion for visual storytelling and considers weddings an ultimate story, striving for unique and creative images with a natural feel for them. At your wedding, you may find her climbing the rooftops, shooting underwater or from a moving vehicle.

About New York Wedding Photographer?

DorothyShi’s passion and creativity ranges from photography, videography, fashion (sneaker fanatic), and motorcycles. She’s been shooting weddings for 20 years throughout the region and she always looks for moments and emotions in his work.
In addition to wedding photography she shoots commercial photography and documentary projects.

She loves for travel and documentary style means that she will capture your destination wedding in a unique, candid and colorful way.

Dorothy’s professional client list includes legendary The Who, Reberta Flack, Maxi Priest, Richard Tyler, The Late Whitney Hudson, The Left Eye from TLC, Trech from naughty from nature, Hilary Cliton, Donald Trump, Joe Boxer, TJ Maxx, Exclusive Bathing Suit Brand, Michael Kors Plus Size, Sidney Closet Plus Size, Dove Pro-Age, Earnshaw Magazine, WWD/Fairchild Publications, Milano Catalogue, Bill Levekoff, Children’s Business Magazine, All My Children, One Life to Live, Atlantic Records, Martha Stewart Living, Levi’s Jeans, Buick, Hallmark Cards, Sony Records,, Sioni, Sportswear International, Condest Publication, Lily Australia, NuSkin Cosmetics, Bronner Brothers Cosmetics, Fusion Hair Color, Anakha Bridals, Signature Bride Magazine, Rolling Out Magazine, and Jovani Bridals.

Creating a Great Wedding in New York Portrait

DorothyShi New York Wedding Photographer needs to offer more than just a technical service where they stand you up against a wall and get you to smile. Her clients are more savvy than ever now and will see these kinds of images as cliché and outdated.
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